“4055 Coyote Fork: Terrible Condo unit”

I stayed at 4055 Coyote Fork condo unit and the unit is terrible. carpet and couch is very dirty. coffee maker is broken, bathroom ceiling is pealing, bedroom tv is so little like the size of the laptop. I stayed at Northstar resort in the past but, didn’t experience this horrible experience before. this is the worst unit I stayed at Northstar resort.

Sally via booking.com

“Northstar Resort is a terrible and unreliable business”

Northstar Resort cancelled our hotel reservation 6 days before ski week due to “overbooking”. They did not offer to compensate us for any future stays. The only thing they offered was to let us have a $1700/night room which was ridiculous and way out of our budget. Due to their ineptitude, we had to cancel our entire trip. They took no responsibility for their mistake and in to make matters worse, they charged us IN FULL the day before they cancelling our room. I had to chase them down for the refund. They are a terrible and unreliable business that has no consideration for its customers. Do not book a room here.


The Village At Northstar – Avoid

No early check in and service at front desk sucks. Did nothing to help us get into our room 20 minutes early even though it was obviously already cleaned. Front desk did absolutely nothing, just made my family waste their time sitting in our vehicle until precisely 4pm. After paying a considerable premium, I’m less likely to come back here after such poor service. Thanks for making my 6 month old wait in the car when they could have just been in the condo.

Nicholas Young

“overall the place did not live up to how much it charged”

When we checked in at our room, the smoke detector was beeping loudly due to low battery. You could hear it from outside the door. So we asked the front desk if they could change it. They said the maintenance guy just left and we needed to wait till next morning. We were a bit shocked that 1) there was already no emergency maintenance at 8pm; 2) they would suggest us to just wait a whole night in a room where it was impossible to sleep or even rest. So I told the front desk staff that we couldn’t stay there with this constant sharp beeping. Then she offered us ear plugs… hmm thank you but no. We politely demanded a better solution. Finally they switched us to another room, which was great and appreciated (and that’s why this is not a 1 star review). But why this was not the initial solution?

A few other notes. The balcony door in the new room couldn’t lock. The AC was quite ineffective. The room was 65F when we went in. We set the temperature to 72F. Three hours later it was 67F.

The environment was nice. Room was spacious. Location was convenient. But overall the place did not live up to how much it charged (400+$ per night for us). There are many Airbnb options nearby and quite a few hotels in Truckee less than 10miles away from the ski area. So I don’t recommend this place.

Siyu H

“This is NOT a 4 star property .. What a rip off”

THIS IS NOT A 4 star PROPERTY. You have been warned, do not get scammed. A 4 star property should have bell available (not bell service), room service, laundry service, housekeeping without a fee, decent attitude, responsive reservation staff, etc — this property has NONE of the above. You will receive better service if you stayed at Best Western or better attitude at even a 2-star property! To top that off they scam you into not reading the fine lines and you cannot, for the first time in my life, even upgrade your reservation by paying the difference! They also have very dated appliance and their room DID NOT look like the picture advertised and I suspect the room size is much smaller than the advertised 400sqft, and nor is the bed a real King. Their kitchen in the studio is so small they kept the utensil and the KNIVES in an unlocked, GROUND LEVEL cabinet so BEWARE if you have kids. I will NEVER come back here again and nor will any of my family and friends if I can help it. What a rip off.

Claire L

“So bad…ridiculous delays in getting the room”

We were told at 10am, that they were only promising 4pm. At 3:30, they had no idea. At 4:00pm, they said 20 minutes. At 4:30, we called and got no answer. So, $800 per night gets you nothing…terrible.

Daron E

“buyer beware-not worth the headache!”

Booked a trip for my 35th birthday. Front check-in girl was rude, acted like I was inconvienicing her by being their early. They gave us a key to the gym/pool/garage which didn’t work and had to go back and get reprogrammed, and she seemed more irritated like that was my fault. The room was nice and clean. We made breakfast in the kitchenette and put all the dishes In the dishwasher which immediately leaked all over the place saturating the kitchenette floor, so good thing there were lots of towels.
We had a decent time skiing, crowded as usual at northstar.
When we went to check out our folio change was $1,760 compared to the $1,160 reservation we had. When I questioned the front desk person ( a different yet still unhelpful person) told me I had to take it up with reservations, and she gave us their number. Called reservations and they tell me to take it up with the front desk. After 4 phone calls to people you can barley understand im still out $600, and this has pretty much ruined all the fun we had for the weekend. Hopefully my credit card company can sort it out.

The property is decently nice but buyer beware-not worth the headache!


Avoid Ski Trail condos – overpriced junk rented from trailer trash owners

First warning is to look at the pictures very carefully. What you will see is a small dark condo that has not been updated since probably the 50’s including the furniture and beds which were very shoddy and uncomfortable. The second warning is some of the furniture you see is simply not there – the futon that is supposed to be in the loft is actually in the living room instead of the comfy couch you see. It does seem that an appliance and electrical upgrade took place in the 90’s, leaving a huge fire hazard where the all the electronics are plugged in and a cable remote that should be in a museum. The condo is very dark drab and stuffy; the only thing that saved us was a huge noisy fan that we had to carry from room to room. As previously mentioned, the bedding and most of the kitchen utensils looked like they were bought at a thrift store about the same time as the 90’s upgrades.

We did get a laugh when we saw a sign to remove our shoes before stepping on some really old and dirty carpet. We did comply but kept our socks on to avoid catching anything. While I’m at it there were multiple lights that didn’t work, trying to turn off the shower is a horrifying experience – we kept expecting the faucet to break each time we yanked it with all our might. Sleeping on the futon in the living room was a nightmare given there wasn’t complete bedding for it and all the light and noise ion that area.

There were a couple of good things I must say. Location was about a 15 minute walk of the village, check-in and check out was quick and efficient and there was lots of parking given it was in the summer. Sadly, that’s all the good I could come up with. In conclusion, we now realize we could have stayed in a much nicer place for a lot less then we ended up paying for this outdated, shoddy dump.

Terese E. via Vacasa

Ski Trails Condominium Association (which is a part of Northstar Property Owners Association) is run by Camco Truckee management company.

I’ve been at Northstar for 28 years ……my mom lives here 3 Months in the summer as well . She has more patience with these people . My realtor and I not so much . Seems like they could be eliminated all together the resort could save some $ and so could the home owners

Megan A. via Yelp

If i could give negative stars I would.  I have owned several properties nationwide that have been managed by HOAs.  In the pas,t I thought I experienced poor service from some of the HOAs I’ve done business with.  Compared to Camco, they were stellar!  I have had a simple home repair work order out since June ( it is now October).  My first request for repair was not responded to.  After several further requests, they finally responded and stated they needed to get Board approval.  We are talking about a small piece of broken siding, something any repairman could fix in less than an hour.  After a month Camco responded the Board denied the work order.  I then sent Camco the HOAs CC&R where it clearly states they are responsible for fixing the damage.  After several more emails and threats they finally agreed to fix the damage in August.  It is now October and to date, the damage has not been addressed.  I have never experienced such horrible service.  I caution any board member of a community save their community members the aggravation and  avoid this property management firm!

Magda T. via Yelp

No wonder Ski Trail condos look and feel like a trailer park in and out. IMO, the majority of Ski Trail condos owners look like trailer trash themselves. Rude, arrogant trailer trash. Avoid.

“Worst hotel experience of my life”

I had reserved Northstar hotel for 9 days in January of 2021. I wanted to leave one day early on a PACKED weekend. The resort refused to give me a refund for one last day. PLUS, they charged me extra $179 for miscellaneous expenses. I called them 5 times to get an explanation on what but they make it impossible for me to reach a live person.

This hotel totally rips off the customers to the maximum allowed.

JinJJa012 via Tripadvisor

“Terrible business. Not to be trusted”

Northstar Resort cancelled our hotel reservation 6 days before ski week due to “overbooking”. They did not offer to compensate us for any future stays. The only thing they offered was to let us have a $1700/night room which was ridiculous and way out of our budget. Due to their ineptitude, we had to cancel our entire trip. They took no responsibility for their mistake and in to make matters worse, they charged us IN FULL the day before they cancelling our room. I had to chase them down for the refund. They are a terrible and unreliable business that has no consideration for its customers. Do not book a room here.

seddiek via Tripadvisor

“Horrible place to stay”

We have always heard great things about Northstar but we’ll never stay here again. We booked a room here and assumed we’d be staying at Northstar Village as depicted by the pictures. However, we were booked into the old hotel in Northstar which is a far cry from the photos shown here. In addition, the room was filthy! There was food left in the fridge, 2 dirty glasses, 2 other broken glasses and multiple 3 inch nails on the deck. The room was extremely hot that we had to leave the sliding door open all night which kept us up listening to people passing late into the night. I’m not sure how you guarantee if you’re getting the new vs the old hotel but my advice would be to call and get it guaranteed ahead of time. As for us, there’s no way we’d ever stay there again.

via Travelocity review

We were very disappointed with our stay at Northstar Resort. Our room had several broken items including the heating system (which we needed!) and it never got fixed during our stay. We were disappointed that the staff was not very helpful when we did have needs such as a set of sheets for the sofa bed- it took over an hour to come, well past my child’s bedtime. When we arrived we were greeted with dirty dishes in the dishwasher! There are hidden resort fees not mentioned on the Agoda site, and not mentioned upon check in or check out! They just bill you for it without a receipt and without telling you!

Alissa (via agoda.com review)

Lodging is terrible. Stay away.

We arrived 3 days ago and have not been able to reach front desk. They don’t answer any calls. Bed is lumpy, leak in living room so bad that we had to put a pain down, people above us are extremely loud, tried moving but not response, no one told us when our presentation was, i had to call three different places to even got a partial answer. I emailed reservations,ownership. & confirmations about all out problems sat morning the 27th. I didn’t get a call back till 415 from David, when I tried to call him back he was gone. I tried again this morning the 28th. No response, fitness center closed, I called before we came and was told it was open, and now one seems very happy with their job. We are not happy at all. I’m requesting a full refund.

Rebecca McEahern (via onthesnow.com review)

The money I paid for the stay doesn’t worthen because my wife birthday was ruined.

The the location address 3172 Aspen Grove Condo was a disaster, the room up a complete mess, the bed wasn’t made and the kitchen was a disaster and the garbage inside the bin was full, the room smell so bad that i went back to the offices complain about the situation. The person decide to upgrade to another location at NorthStar Lodge, 221 Timber Creek Lodge. The room was ok but the carpet was too dirty and could not see tv for 3 day because no broadband, tried to reach the main office with no success.

Alfredo (via Hotels.com)

Terrible resort looks nothing like the photos. The room looked nothing like the photos it was over a mile from the resort with poor transportation

Derek (via Hotels.com)

The room was very outdated. It was a throw back to the 80’s. The TV was 24″ and came in and out when it felt like. The couch looked like is was purchased at the Goodwill as well as all furniture in the rooms.

Dori (via Hotels.com)

I will not stay there again. There was no AC no fan it was hot, the refrigerator was loud, the bed had dip in the middle of it. No elevator. It was hard to walk up the stairs I have bad knees. I was not told there was no AC. Very disappointed.

Anonymous (via Hotels.com)

Restaurants overcrowded and unprepared. Condo was old and outdated. Beds were like cots. Most uncomfortable bed ever slept it.

Aaron (via Hotels.com)

Terrible and old run down room horrible facilities. Lady was rude at customer service. What I booked and what we got was almost false advertising. Nothing in the village was open or either closed early.

Ricky (via Hotels.com)

The check-in process was horrible. We reached at 9 and the map location was incorrect. We had to ask the hotel nearby on where we should find the reception. The phone number was not working and there was no reply from the property. Finally, when we got to the check-in, it gave us an envelope and more directions to find the house. The elevator was not working and check-in took 1.5 hours. Even the place was horrible.

Nikita (via Hotels.com)

Northstar lodging: “a cheap motel”

When booking Northstar I had the expectation that the hotel room would be luxury for what we paid. I’ve always heard nothing but good things, now I know it had nothing to do with the rooms. As we entered the room the first thing I noticed was the carpet wasn’t stretched on the floor and I was riddled with stains. We have an 8 month old, crawling quickly became out of the question. The bathroom hasn’t been updated since the 80’s. The shower head barely worked and there were massive scratches all over the tub. What made the stay completely unacceptable was the fact that it’s mid summer, 88 degrees out and no air conditioning. They do provide you with a swamp cooler that only cools you off if you stand in front of it. My family and I hardly slept as we were up all night sweating. For the price I expected luxury accommodations, not that of a cheap motel.

Justin (via Hotels.com)

The amenities and services we received were not up to standard. Our unit did not have AC, and we were staying during the time of the bad air quality due to the fires. We were told by guest services that we were allowed to have one fan for our unit. In addition, the coffee maker leaked, and we did not get a replacement for it. We also had a very noisey family that was above us who allowed their children to run and jump until late at night and again at 6 am in the morning. When I told guest services about it, they said there was nothing they could do and that I would have to call public safety.

Nellie (via Hotels.com)

The bathroom tubs were slippery with no hand holds. One family member slipped getting out of tub after showering. No air filter or air conditioning with bad air quality over 200. We were told to close windows, but were left with only bad air from forest fire smoke to breathe — not resort’s fault. We had to leave Sunday afternoon and not stay the night. The coffee pot leaked water. The king sized bedroom only had one working light bulb.

Nancy (via Hotels.com)

The room was misrepresented by the photos, it was dingy, not maintained, no AC, it was part of employee housing (the employee units had AC I noted) but they did provide a non-functioning swamp cooler. Brown water came out of the bathtub tap. Beds were small and uncomfortable and not level. We had one chair to sit on. Housekeeping was non-existent. Desk help was never available. Carpets were disgusting, nothing on the walls. I have seen better rooms in a motel six. This room shows absolutely no care at all for their clientele. Never will be back to Northstar resort, they do not care one bit about their guests or the slop they are renting you.

Anonymous (via Hotels.com)

The shuttle service they said they had never worked and we had to call the front desk several times. Upon arrival there was a large bag of dirty laundry in the front of the door ! The path to room was not groomed upon arrival and we have to go through 5 feet of snow with small children and pregnant wife! Horrible front desk service. There was no access to check in at front lobby because roads were not groomed and five feet of snow has to go through to get to the front door of check in ! We don’t think we will be back.

Anonymous (via Hotels.com)