“Vail will collapse. It’s not IF but WHEN.”

Vail will collapse. It’s not if but when. When pass prices go up by 20% they can only muster a 6% revenue increase associated with a 12% drop in units sold their upper tier passes while buying FOUR new areas. This all in an economy with huge inflation and huge labor cost increases. The financials just don’t add up to sustainability.

Their Experience Of A Lifetime (TM) is turning people away. Limited snowmaking this year (disasterous last year).

Poor grooming quality. I laugh at some of the pics posted to the pass group on Facebook talking about the amazing conditions when there’s huge grooming ruts, 2 foot ice boulders, death cookies galore, etc. in the pics.

Lack of maintenance to their lifts leading them to break down all the time (Attitash last year, Stowe this year). Lack of running lifts. Non lifties running lifts. Grumpy employees some that scream at you for no reason. Bad traffic. Long lines. Charge you to park with no lifts running. I can go on…

Interest rates are through their roof. Their line of credit they’ve been using to fund their upgrades is now suddenly much costlier. Meanwhile their bread and butter resorts — Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckinridge, Keystone — have a ton of aging detachable that need to be replaced within the decade.

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5 of the 6 ski areas Vail Resorts owns are now run by women. Is it Woke enough?

And we assume that these “women” are lesbian/non-binary handicapped persons of color.

In fact, five of the six ski areas Vail Resorts owns in the Mountain West region are now run by women, with Howard and Park City’s Deirdra Walsh being joined by Nadia Guerriero at Beaver Creek, Jody Churich at Breckenridge and Tara Schoedinger at Crested Butte.


With the beginning of Amy Ohran’s tenure as general manager of Northstar mountain in North Lake Tahoe this past July, Vail Resorts now has 10 ski areas run by women, including Park City and Vail, which are two of its largest.

Vail Resorts is an equal opportunity employer

Vail Resorts is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status or any other status protected by applicable law.


Equal opportunity employer“? So the employment of the above candidates has nothing to do with their sex? Yeah, right.

Vail is just another failing WOKE corporation. With typical corporate BS, overspending, dumb investments, multi-million bonuses and “golden parachutes” for the top management. Their performance is not gonna change even if they replace every single male with a female or a non-binary “he/her”.

Hashtag #VailEpicFail

Vail Epic Fail

My kids and I have been skiing CB, Breck, Park, Copper and Vail for over 30 years. Last year I bought 19 Epic Passes on my account alone. The season ended early, i was supposed to get credit. Got nothing, have been trying since to get a live person. I bought 6 more full Epic Passes this year, was on hold for hours, only to be hung up on. Today booking starts, the dates i want show booked or unavailable, in fact all dates show book or unavailable up and until 8th of Dec. I thought buying passes gave me the ability to board/ski from 11/22 to 12/8. i have my entire family going for 11/19 to 12/1 and not i can’t get a date on CB mountain, and been on hold (after being in the online que for 2 hours, then being told to call “NOW”) twice to book 20 days in Breck for Xmas, only to be hung up on after 39 minutes, and 43 minutes respectively. This is a terrible brand experience. Not to mention a huge waste of thousands of dollars. At least we will enjoy the town, if not the mountain. Not a single person to speak to about any of this either.

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