“What is this rental facility fee? Seems like a scam for them to charge more. (It’s Vail resorts)”

This is the same company that charged $4 shipping for every online pass purchased earlier this year, even if you reactivated a pass you already had, or picked your pass up in person without any shipping.

they will continue to pull this shit as long as people accept it.

Forget “experience of a lifetime” this is clearly turning into “whatever it takes to make this quarters number”

And they’re going to continue to do so as long as people accept their shitty business practices. F**k Vail. Stop supporting them, people. If you complain after paying the presumably hundreds of dollars shown here, it kind of doesn’t matter. They got what they wanted and the consumer put up with it.

Source: Reddit

“Horrible experience with Epic Pass”

Horrible experience with Epic Pass that ruined our vacation plan and we left Tahoe without any skiing.
The pass office refused to give me the pass we bought online because it was suspended for an accident last year (I was badly hit by someone from behind and I had zero fault in that accident). There was no warning when I payed for the pass or in my account page. They kicked me back and forth around ~5 different offices. From 9am to 1pm I made 20+ phone calls on the mountain and walked to different offices in my ski boots. On my way leaving the resort around 1 pm, they called to tell me the suspension was finally resolved and asked me to wait for another hour and try again at the pass office.
They suspended my pass for no good reason and without any warning. All the offices have no clear idea who is in charge of the suspension, and are very impatient to help on an issue outside their duty, even when they know a customer is desperately waiting to get onto the mountain.
Two days later I received my pass in my mail that’s sent out the day we bought it online, days before the hassle on the mountain. So if it’s OK for them to send me the pass by mail, why on earth can they refuse giving it to me at the resort??

Chenyun Wu

“Wasted 3 hours waiting in line to get our pass”

Wasted 3 hours waiting in line to get our pass that we ordered online ahead of time, closes at 4 so by the time we got to the slops the whole day was gone. DONT go

Carolyn Davidson

“Be willing to wait on just about everything”

Be willing to wait on just about everything from lifts to rentals if needed. If you plan on stopping by the day of without reservations in advance, you can expect 3 plus hour wait for gear rentals. Average wait time for main lifts is around 10-30 min. Also have a photo of or your actual vaccination card on hand to be able to enjoy any food from northstar themselves.
Biggest issue, if you plan on using the free parking lots expect an hour wait at times just to get to and from the ski area. Just didn’t have a good time but maybe you will.

Matthew Jeff

“Horrible experience”

Definitely NOT the Nordstrom”” experience!!!   Just spent 12/30 – 1/2 @ Northstar. Horrible, condescending treatment by employee Mike S. from VT @ the equipment rental office. Demo rental office was closed so went to general rental. Sign on rental door says no more than 30 or 35 people @ a time inside (no problem w/this) after skiing I waited in line to return equipment & get my shoes. When it was my turn (I was 10’+ away from Mike) I said I really can’t get these boots off standing up, can I go inside & take them off – his response was “first of all – get your mask on” I had an 8″ wide neck/face mask on which was pulled up to the top of my lip just below my nose as my glasses were fogging up. I said “I have a mask on” to which he replied “no you don’t, that’s not a mask . .  yada yada yada” his belittling continued AND he would not let me inside (was totally on his own little power trip). There were only 3 sets of customers (MAYBE 6 or 7 people) inside renting skis so they were well below the 30/35 people max. I am 63 & in good shape, but my rental boots were so tight It was near impossible to get them on or off & there was not a single chair outside of the rental bldg for customers to sit @ so they could remove equipment ????? What a way to treat your customers!!! The whole experience really felt a lot like – “give us your money, shut up, stand in line, and bye bye . . .  

We have been homeowners @ Northstar since the 70’s (over 45 years) & have seen many changes over the years, but I have never been treated with such disrespect.  ITS ALL ABOUT PRESENTATION & ABOUT BEING REASONABLE!!!  What happened to providing customer service which includes showing a sense of urgency, an appreciation of or a concern for your customers – COVID 19 or no COVID 19 !! And, it really is time to stop using COVID as an excuse please.

Patty J. (via Yelp)

“Takes 45 mins to 1 hour to get your rentals”

This place is trash. Takes 45 mins to 1 hour to get your rentals. I get the fact it’s Covid but the other resorts like Sierra and Heavenly got there customer boards and equipment in less than 10 mins even during Covid. Who ever is managing this place need to be demoted or should copy heavenlys and sierras model

C. D. (via Yelp)