“Not worth the lift ticket prices”

Rude personnel, extremely strict rules… inconsistent feedback from people working here regarding the resort rules.

Not worth the lift ticket prices and f**k vail resorts altogether

This place is an absolute nightmare! Do not come here unless you want to wait in line for a shuttle for over an hour minimum and wait to park your car for an hour as well. Just parking your car will make you wanna leave it’s so chaotic. Have fun looking at the backside when you arrive, there’s fresh powder everywhere, however they won’t open it and force feed everyone into lines once you hit the front side. It’s honestly the worst resort I’ve ever been to. Just a giant trap to take your money away from you. Oh and when it’s time to leave be prepared to wait in another hour line to get back to your car and then another hour to leave. Avoid at all costs

2 hours to download from village to parking lot. 100+ people line built up from 3:30 to 4 waiting on first bus. Supply trucks were dangerously pulling in and out through the queue of people. Cutting left and right with no direction. Total mess.

No lights in the pitch black parking lot at 6 pm to top it off. This resort needs a total overhaul on customer service and parking functionality. Frankly unacceptable from an upper level management perspective. They have the $$ to do it right.

Don’t come here unless you stay on site. 4x Epic Pass holder. Heavenly and Kirkwood are visitor friendly.

After paying for very EXPENSIVE ticket during Christmas, we were informed by staff that the mountain is closed for the day due to safety reason and extreme weather, after only less than 2 hours of total time spent at the resort. When asking about partial refund or credit, nothing was offered and staff told us that “this situation happens frequently at the resort”.

Source: Google reviews

Vail Resorts Stamping Out on Those Leaving Their Equipment to Reserve Place in Line at Heavenly Mountain, CA

The reader who shared the picture says that “…people are placing their ski or snowboard equipment up in the front of the lift line in the morning, then go hang out in their warm cars until about ten minutes before loading the lift.”

Source: https://snowbrains.com

“Vale Ski Resorts is putting their customers at risk of Omicron”

Vale Ski Resorts is putting their customers, their season pass holders at risk for Omicron at Heavenly Valley South Lake Tahoe!!! By insisting on grouping multiple parties in the small Timberlodge gondolas. Worst there’s no reason for doing this nonsense; especially on weekdays. Many of these strangers aren’t wearing masks! I’ve been a season pass holder here for as long as the resort’s existed but if they are going to intentionally put my family at risk for Omicron by crowding strangers in these small gondolas then I’ll be looking closer at other resorts and end a near 20 year relationship as season pass holder

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“Takes 45 mins to 1 hour to get your rentals”

This place is trash. Takes 45 mins to 1 hour to get your rentals. I get the fact it’s Covid but the other resorts like Sierra and Heavenly got there customer boards and equipment in less than 10 mins even during Covid. Who ever is managing this place need to be demoted or should copy heavenlys and sierras model

C. D. (via Yelp)