Vail CEO Kirsten A. Lynch makes $6,6M+ / year

As Chief Executive Officer at VAIL RESORTS INC, Kirsten A. Lynch made $6,609,628 in total compensation. Of this total $885,999 was received as a salary, $1,188,300 was received as a bonus, $2,249,981 was received in stock options, $2,249,991 was awarded as stock and $35,357 came from other types of compensation. This information is according to proxy statements filed for the 2022 fiscal year.”


So your $235 for 1 day lift ticket, $20 per hamburger and $700 for a crappy shithole cabin “Ski Trail condos” are going into the pocket of the right person. Here is that person:

Kirsten A. Lynch should be fired for her extremely crappy performance, but not rewarded with $6.6M+ in compensation.

Vail MTN is a falling knife now as it breaks down through two top trough support and the 200 day EMA. Selling will accelerate after Dec 23rd ex dividend date. They have a hugely inflated assets on their balance sheet and too much debt. Been cooking the books the past several years.

Yahoo Finance discussion board for MTN stock ticker

“Vail is not doing a good job of maximizing revenue”

Vail is not doing a good job of maximizing revenue. At my local resort the restaurant / bar is not open during the holiday week, typically a very busy week.

“This stock MTN will be a two digit stock price by March”

Oh boy, wait til Christmas crash for MTN. when it goes ex dividend on the 23rd the tax loss selling will accelerate. The selling in January and February will be stunning as Vail’s super inflated balance sheet is revealed. Too much debt vs inflated assets probably leads to a secondary stock offering in early 2023. This stock MTN will be a two digit stock price by March. They went on an acquisition spree the past 5 years right into the teeth of the biggest asset bubble in history. Combined with huge labor cost inflation and higher interest rates….dead company walking.

Yep, MTN stock goes down the tube pretty fast:

Source: Yahoo Finance discussion board for MTN stock ticker

Park City ski patrol union, Vail Resorts fail to reach wage agreement in 47th bargaining session since 2020

Ski patrollers — who train as first responders to provide on-mountain medical care and mitigate avalanche danger with explosives and other means — are still starting at $13.25 per hour, making rookie patrollers the lowest paid employees at Park City resort. Second year patrollers start at $14.50 per hour.

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