Vail Resorts company reviews – Part-III

“Narcissism, Negativity, and Micromanagement.”

Micromanagement is horrible here, leads are constantly berating agents and embarrassing them. Not offering any real help or training when asked. Unnecessary daily morning meetings where the leads tell us how horrible we all are and never have anything positive to say or solutions to offer, then telling us to “crush it” and “have a great day” like the past 15 minutes of negativity is motivation for us to do well. Don’t expect your lead to care about you, your situation, or anything that’s outside of being on the phones (I have comforted many agents crying about how stressed they are and getting no response when they reach out to their leads). Most leads have no idea how to even do their jobs, let alone ours. The customer service department is just a mess.

Advice to Management:

Take better care of who you are hiring to supervise your employees. A lot of quality, intelligent, and loyal employees jumping ship because they are tired of the constant negativity and confusion from the leads. We work hard for horrible pay and get no support or positive reinforcement for it at all. Just do better.

Customer Service Agent (via Glassdoor)

“Horrible company, incompetent managers.”

Horrible management, no work/life balance, no loyalty, horrendous pay.

Advice to Management:

Fire your management

Ski Tech in Colorado Springs, CO (via Glassdoor)

“Tips are not good here.”

Everything is bad here, really I would not lie to you about this. Get a job somewhere else and just buy a pass, unless you like drunken roommates and transient people in your room. You will like being cold and broke and looking for a place to live

Cashier/Barista in Breckenridge, CO (via Glassdoor)

“If you like being overworked & underpaid, Vail Resorts is for you!”

Now Vail Resorts is just another giant heartless corporation that says all the right woke nonsense but treats their employees like garbage. If you are going to work there, work on hourly not salary, they abuse salaried employees with ridiculous demands for your personal time.

Advice to Management:

If you want employees to stay and respect you, the actions have to match the words. You built that empire off the backs of employees who never got 1 dime of equity in the company while Rob Katz, Executive Management & Rob’s New York Hedge Fund buddies got rich

Senior Business Systems Analyst in Broomfield, CO (via Glassdoor)

“Beware – Vail Resorts is NOT a leadership company”

Senior leadership (Kirsten, Michael, Rob) are extreme micromanagers who do not tolerate dissent or welcome alternative points of view from those below them. They demand that they make all meaningful decisions for the company – and the only people allowed in the room with them are their VPs. As a Director in the corporate office, this was incredible disempowering because it meant that I had no real ownership. Vail describes itself as “the greatest leadership company on earth” – this is laughable. There is no empowerment to make decisions, no respect for work life balance (at one point the CMO literally asked if we could stop taking Thanksgiving as a company holiday, regularly demands people work on Christmas / New Years, etc.), and effectively zero career progression opportunities at the Director level and above unless your only focus is on pleasing those above you.

I really, really wanted to like this company. I loved my co-workers. It broke my heart to see it so thoroughly ruined by senior leadership. There is a reason there is SUPER high turnover (which has been the case for years, by the way). When I joined, the average tenure of my coworkers was less than a year. When I left several years later, the average tenure of my coworkers was less than a year. People come here thinking it will be great (who doesn’t want to work in the ski industry?), realize the reality of the situation, and then leave. I ignored the Glassdoor reviews when I took my job there and I regret doing so.

Advice to Management:

Honestly, with Kirsten about to become the new CEO, I would not recommend anyone work at Vail’s corporate office. She surrounds herself with people who reinforce her own viewpoints and systematically weeds out anyone who disagrees with her. She talks in public about the importance of sustainability and then literally hours later, in private meetings, creates crushing workloads for the teams under her – I have seen this happen on many, many occasions. These are hallmarks of terrible leadership and a toxic workplace culture.

Director in Broomfield, CO (via Glassdoor)

Vail Resorts’ Katz to get $2,789,900 salary

The estimated Net Worth of Robert A Katz is at least $180 Million dollars as of 13 December 2021. Mr. Katz owns over 233,354 units of Vail Resorts stock worth over $122,253,371 and over the last 18 years he sold MTN stock worth over $54,843,650. In addition, he makes $2,789,900 as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Vail Resorts.

Robert A Katz