“Horrible experience”

Definitely NOT the Nordstrom”” experience!!!   Just spent 12/30 – 1/2 @ Northstar. Horrible, condescending treatment by employee Mike S. from VT @ the equipment rental office. Demo rental office was closed so went to general rental. Sign on rental door says no more than 30 or 35 people @ a time inside (no problem w/this) after skiing I waited in line to return equipment & get my shoes. When it was my turn (I was 10’+ away from Mike) I said I really can’t get these boots off standing up, can I go inside & take them off – his response was “first of all – get your mask on” I had an 8″ wide neck/face mask on which was pulled up to the top of my lip just below my nose as my glasses were fogging up. I said “I have a mask on” to which he replied “no you don’t, that’s not a mask . .  yada yada yada” his belittling continued AND he would not let me inside (was totally on his own little power trip). There were only 3 sets of customers (MAYBE 6 or 7 people) inside renting skis so they were well below the 30/35 people max. I am 63 & in good shape, but my rental boots were so tight It was near impossible to get them on or off & there was not a single chair outside of the rental bldg for customers to sit @ so they could remove equipment ????? What a way to treat your customers!!! The whole experience really felt a lot like – “give us your money, shut up, stand in line, and bye bye . . .  

We have been homeowners @ Northstar since the 70’s (over 45 years) & have seen many changes over the years, but I have never been treated with such disrespect.  ITS ALL ABOUT PRESENTATION & ABOUT BEING REASONABLE!!!  What happened to providing customer service which includes showing a sense of urgency, an appreciation of or a concern for your customers – COVID 19 or no COVID 19 !! And, it really is time to stop using COVID as an excuse please.

Patty J. (via Yelp)

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