“20-30 minute waits on every single lift”

On sSunday there were 20-30 minute waits on every single lift. completely packed with people. limited occupancy is absolutely a lie. i get it, you need to have people buy food to get a beer. to charge be $15 for the cheapest entree (tiny bowl of chili) and another $14 for a beer i feel is just disrespectful. at sierra they have $2 hot dogs which is totally fair. and, on top of all that the snow quality was absolute garbage. which is kind of out of their control. but they do advertise that their snow base is 18″-35″ which from what i can see is also a lie. there’s exposed dirt on almost every run when i was there and exposed rocks all over the place.

so if you’re going to take something away from this.. byob. screw their rules. i would also suggest not even going. at least until it snows again. definitely not worth the full price of a lift ticket.

Darrick F. (via Yelp)

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