Vail Epic Fail

My kids and I have been skiing CB, Breck, Park, Copper and Vail for over 30 years. Last year I bought 19 Epic Passes on my account alone. The season ended early, i was supposed to get credit. Got nothing, have been trying since to get a live person. I bought 6 more full Epic Passes this year, was on hold for hours, only to be hung up on. Today booking starts, the dates i want show booked or unavailable, in fact all dates show book or unavailable up and until 8th of Dec. I thought buying passes gave me the ability to board/ski from 11/22 to 12/8. i have my entire family going for 11/19 to 12/1 and not i can’t get a date on CB mountain, and been on hold (after being in the online que for 2 hours, then being told to call “NOW”) twice to book 20 days in Breck for Xmas, only to be hung up on after 39 minutes, and 43 minutes respectively. This is a terrible brand experience. Not to mention a huge waste of thousands of dollars. At least we will enjoy the town, if not the mountain. Not a single person to speak to about any of this either.

jimwL9849ZU via Tripadvisor

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