Avoid Ski Trail condos – overpriced junk rented from trailer trash owners

First warning is to look at the pictures very carefully. What you will see is a small dark condo that has not been updated since probably the 50’s including the furniture and beds which were very shoddy and uncomfortable. The second warning is some of the furniture you see is simply not there – the futon that is supposed to be in the loft is actually in the living room instead of the comfy couch you see. It does seem that an appliance and electrical upgrade took place in the 90’s, leaving a huge fire hazard where the all the electronics are plugged in and a cable remote that should be in a museum. The condo is very dark drab and stuffy; the only thing that saved us was a huge noisy fan that we had to carry from room to room. As previously mentioned, the bedding and most of the kitchen utensils looked like they were bought at a thrift store about the same time as the 90’s upgrades.

We did get a laugh when we saw a sign to remove our shoes before stepping on some really old and dirty carpet. We did comply but kept our socks on to avoid catching anything. While I’m at it there were multiple lights that didn’t work, trying to turn off the shower is a horrifying experience – we kept expecting the faucet to break each time we yanked it with all our might. Sleeping on the futon in the living room was a nightmare given there wasn’t complete bedding for it and all the light and noise ion that area.

There were a couple of good things I must say. Location was about a 15 minute walk of the village, check-in and check out was quick and efficient and there was lots of parking given it was in the summer. Sadly, that’s all the good I could come up with. In conclusion, we now realize we could have stayed in a much nicer place for a lot less then we ended up paying for this outdated, shoddy dump.

Terese E. via Vacasa

Ski Trails Condominium Association (which is a part of Northstar Property Owners Association) is run by Camco Truckee management company.

I’ve been at Northstar for 28 years ……my mom lives here 3 Months in the summer as well . She has more patience with these people . My realtor and I not so much . Seems like they could be eliminated all together the resort could save some $ and so could the home owners

Megan A. via Yelp

If i could give negative stars I would.  I have owned several properties nationwide that have been managed by HOAs.  In the pas,t I thought I experienced poor service from some of the HOAs I’ve done business with.  Compared to Camco, they were stellar!  I have had a simple home repair work order out since June ( it is now October).  My first request for repair was not responded to.  After several further requests, they finally responded and stated they needed to get Board approval.  We are talking about a small piece of broken siding, something any repairman could fix in less than an hour.  After a month Camco responded the Board denied the work order.  I then sent Camco the HOAs CC&R where it clearly states they are responsible for fixing the damage.  After several more emails and threats they finally agreed to fix the damage in August.  It is now October and to date, the damage has not been addressed.  I have never experienced such horrible service.  I caution any board member of a community save their community members the aggravation and  avoid this property management firm!

Magda T. via Yelp

No wonder Ski Trail condos look and feel like a trailer park in and out. IMO, the majority of Ski Trail condos owners look like trailer trash themselves. Rude, arrogant trailer trash. Avoid.

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