Vail Resorts company reviews – Part-I

They get you with the salary, then come the 50+ hour weeks.

You get to work at the base of a terribly run company and mountain. Have fun busting you butt and not being able to enjoy your life.

Low pay, Terrible Communication, Never set up for success, No housing for employees

Advice to Management: Quit

Store Manager in Vail, CO (via Glassdoor)

Cons vastly outweigh the benefits.

Poor pay and benefits. Understaffed. Lack of HR department. Expensive/impossible to afford living near the mountains. Corporate bureaucracy at its finest… constant reorganizations and lack of basic support. No control or decision making power at the local level.

Content Specialist (via Glassdoor)

Poor Compensation

Poor compensation and we have to endure the complaints. Never work here. Terrible compensation for seasonal employees

Lift Operator in Beaver Creek, CO (via Glassdoor)

Grossly Irresponsible

Destroying the planet, ruining towns/communities, Putting lives in danger

Retail (via Glassdoor)

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