Vail: “Unethical company making astronomical profits with slave labor”

You’re slave labor. They give you a free ski pass, but you can go work for Walmart or McDonald and make significantly more and pay for your own ski pass within a month earning the higher wages. They treat you like slave labor and you have zero room for growth, even if you save every penny you can’t afford to have a family or buy real estate. I worked for private clubs and saw Rob Katz a good amount and it was always hard to stomach after working there 5 years and earning 3 promotions that I was still only making $16/hour while him and his Wall Street buddy’s were making millions exploiting the land and their employees. I also had to get multiple surgeries after the ski season and racked up considerable medical debt. Left the company in 2020 and got a job immediately which paid me more in the first year than 7 at VR. I just went back for a wedding to find that my friends in upper management roles couldn’t even get a 5% raise when inflation is 6.3% and they’re paying new employees $16-$20/hr. That’s great for them, but the only reason VR is willing to do that is bc they won’t have workers otherwise with rising rent prices and a huge shortage of rentals due to landlords selling their properties to cash in. This company needs to have media attention like Walmart and Amazon for mistreatment of employees, but they pay millions a bear so that’s never heard of. I made a comment on a Forbes article bashing Walmart and Amazon and said they should take a look at VR and got called into my managers office the next day. They’re a shameful and greedy company that doesn’t care about you or the environment.

Advice to Management:

Hire executives from the ski resort, not Wall Street people like Rob Katz or the new CEO from Kraft Foods. Not like Kraft foods hasn’t been poisoning the country for decades lol. I’d also give this company and the CEO negative rating if I could. They’re ruining entire communities, ski towns and the environment.

Anonymous Employee (via Glassdoor)

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