“Enjoy waiting in lines”

This is a great resort if you enjoy waiting in lines. 20 minutes waiting in a line of traffic going to the parking area, 30 minutes waiting for the parking shuttle, 1 1/2 hour waiting for rental skis I reserved ahead of time, 20 minutes waiting for ticket pickup, 20 minutes waiting for your first lift. Got here before 8 and wasn’t skiing until 11:30. Then it was 10 minute waits for the bathroom, 15 minute lift lines. It wasn’t even a particularly crowded weekend. Total waste of time. Go to literally any other Tahoe resort. I’ve been to 5 others this season, including during the true busy weeks around the holidays, and this was my only bad experience.

Jason R. (via Yelp)

With a limited amount of people allowed on the mountain they did a piss poor job on planning for the number of people they sold tickets to.

Jason J. (via Yelp)

Just to get tickets and you have to wait for a long line.

The line to get to the gondola is crazy long too.

They can’t handle the crowds. Skims lifts are over crowded.

Quan D. (via Yelp)
Chronic over crowding

Photo credit: Quan D.

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