I’m so done with this place – going back to Squaw (Palisades)

I’ve been a season pass holder for 10 years.  The past 5 years I’ve seen a significant decline year after year.  But after skiing this past holiday week, I am convinced I will not be renewing my season pass.  First of all, the parking situation is a nightmare. Unless you want to pay $40 you are required to park in a satellite lot and take a shuttle bus to the resort.  The shuttle bus line is longer than most rides at Disneyland during a Summer weekend.  We waited for over an hour to get on the shuttle bus. Once you depart the shuttle bus, you then walk another 200 yards in your ski boots, carrying skis… to get in the gondola lift line.  After you get off the gondola you then walk to one of 4 chair lifts to take you up the mountain.  From the time you park to your first run down a trail will easily take 2 hours.  That’s not an exaggeration.   I get it, it’s the holidays, there are a lot of people – but 2 hours? That’s unacceptable.   There isn’t enough staff to properly manage the lift and lift lines and therefore lifts are constantly stopping.  What once use to be a friendly family oriented ski resort has now become a short staffed money gauging enterprise that is only concerned about their bottom line.  I’m so done with this place – going back to Squaw (Palisades)

Darren H. (via Yelp)
Parking lot shuttle bus line which takes over an hour to get in the bus
Down lift that was out of commission for 2+ hours. Only way back was to take a shuttle bus back to the village

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