“A one star review is generous”

I’ve been skiing Northstar for 6 or so years now and my wife and I used to absolutely love it – so much so that we bought a condo here 4 years ago thinking it would be the perfect venue for family fun. We have been season pass holders for years as well. Sadly, we have experienced a pretty significant decline over the past 4-5 years or so. At first it was “paper cuts” — and then we thought it was “Covid”. But now — having skied several other resorts — it’s clear that there is management problem.

The mountain is grossly under staffed. They are running a fraction of the number of busses that they once did causing incredibly long wait times. Additionally, the busses are running at standing room only capacity (in the middle of a pandemic). There are scarce food options (on the mountain OR in the village). There are close to no stores open in the village. No entertainment options. Every. Single. Lift. Has at least 20-30 minute wait times (regardless of what the useless app says). The mountain is clearly letting in far more skiers/boarders than they can handle. And they don’t seem to care at all about how this effects their patrons’ experience.

Skiing here has just become a miserable experience. And, yes, I understand that there is a pandemic. A workforce shortage. And the mountain was hammered with snow over the last two weeks. All of those facts are true for Palisades as well. Which is running just about flawlessly.

I sincerely hope management starts to take action to improve conditions. In talking with several of the wonderful staff (on the mountain and the drivers), they are just as fed up with what is going on here as “we” are.

A one star review is generous.

Colby L. (via Yelp)

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