“At this rate, Northstar is seriously headed downhill”

I’ve been coming here every year for 12 years, and this season is the first time I’ve been disappointed with my experience.

This resort used to be pretty awesome: good food on the mountain, quick enough lines, and great grooming, snowmaking and mountain maintenance. This season though, they don’t seem to have nearly enough employees. This is manifesting as everything being more delayed and taking longer. The staff are more overwhelmed and less friendly, and there’s no longer any emphasis on providing a good experience for the 80% of the day when you’re not skiing down a slope. Furthermore, the mountain maintenance is not what it used to be: there are hardly any groomed runs even on non-powder days.

The supplementary chairlifts are not open, resulting in huge lines at the ones that are. I would recommend taking your money elsewhere, perhaps to Palisades or another nearby mountain that seems to care more about it’s skiers and riders, enough to pay competitive wages to have enough employees. At this rate, Northstar is seriously headed downhill. And not in a good way.

Keeton M. (via Yelp)

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