Welcome to NorthStarSucks.com website!

The Violas had them in their ears as though invisible ghosts hovering about their chairs had consulted in mutters as to the advisability of setting fire to this foreigner’s casa.

Welcome to NorthStarSucks! We have started this blog to help North Star Ski resort to become a 5 out of 5 ski resort! We will be addressing the problems the resort (and it’s parent company – Vail Resorts Management Company – ticker symbol MTN), might have. So far he current rating of the company is 1 out of 5 according to BBB, which is bad.

The blog is primarily focuses on one of the Vail’s subsidiaries – Northstar California located at 5001 Northstar Dr, Truckee, CA 96161. But since the majority of the policies are implemented in it’s parent company, we will be covering Vail stories, as well as the rest of Vail’s resorts.