“Overcrowded and unsafe”

Jan 2022

Used to be a fantastic place to ski (it has a lot of fantastic WIDE cruiser trails) before Vail took over. Now, it is:
– Very Overpriced
– Unbelievably time-consuming just to get to the first ski-lift (unless you are staying at a ski-in/ski-out place, which will cost lots of $$)
– Most importantly, UNSAFE (i got hit HARD by a super reckless snowboarder on a Green run when i was skiing with my 6 year old niece who was learning how to ski, near the bottom of the mountain. I reported it, but Vail & Northstar only care about how many tickets they can sell, it doesn’t matter that the mountain is dangerously overcrowded and that some people only care about going as fast as they can, even on super-crowded beginner runs)
I’m done with Vail.

Source: tripadvisor.com

Way too crowded. Not safe

Jan 2022

Way too crowded the past couple weekends to the point of almost being unsafe… not enjoyable.

Experts ruin it for the beginners and zoom around causing accidents. Along with untamed children running around everywhere. Absolute zoo. Poor food to boot.

Source: tripadvisor.com

“Avoid This Disastrous, Overhyped Property”

Small, outdated rooms. It’s like a Motel 6 with fake pine paneling. Dirty, Dingy and Depressing. Avoid

Source: tripadvisor.com

“Prepare to part with your wallet. Ski resorts are greedy”

A lift ticket is already over $130 for a SENIOR or a TEEN, and then they gouge you with $25/day parking unless you want to wait for a shuttle from the hinterlands. A “cup of soup” sized bowl of vegetarian chili is $16!! And a locker is $15 to rent. We are already paying premium to ski, and it feels like consumer rape with the resort charging these exorbitant fees.

Source: tripadvisor.com

“Getting to a ski lift, not to mention the top of the mountain, is really, really, really huge pain”… “..don’t be surprised if it takes 30-45 minutes..”

As others have mentioned, getting to a ski lift, not to mention the top of the mountain, is really, really, *really* huge pain. If you don’t have a plan for how to minimize the amount of time it takes to get up the mountain, don’t be surprised if it takes 30-45 minutes to do this on a *non*-holiday day, and at least twice as long during peak times like President’s Day weekend.

Source: tripadvisor.com

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