Crowds. Overpriced garbage food.

The reservation system is a massive farce. The crowds on the Sunday of MLK weekend were bigger than anything I had experienced in prior seasons. They also weren’t blowing any snow and temperatures were hitting the mid 50’s, making the riding conditions very dangerous. I was there in December and they were blowing snow while it was snowing. Dope logic, Northstar. The bar is closed for bogus reasons, and if you’re hungry get ready to pay $14 for a cup of chili and $7 for the most garbage cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life.

Separate incident: My partner lost her phone on Saturday. Someone found it on the run and turned it in to the lodge. i could see it’s location. When she went inside to ask, the woman at the hand sanitizer station insisted that it wasn’t there and that it would be turned in to lost and found. She just said this based on the question. Do the employees get a morning lost & found report? Do they get a detailed briefing of all items in the lodge before their shift? I’m curious how she was so sure that it wasn’t there. I was waiting outside and after hearing this went in and showed her that the phone was in the building. That was enough to make her put in 5% of effort and go upstairs and ask. Sure enough it was there. Maybe try like a little bit, in the future.

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