“2-3 hours spent in lines”

I’ll start off by saying today was a miserable experience, and has inspired me to drop my Epic season pass and move to Icon instead. I figured, as a pass holder and with a reservation, Northstar would follow Covid guidelines and limit the amount of people allowed on the mountain. The line on a Sunday for the Gondola wrapped around the entire village, no social distancing, and more were coming at 9:30 when I finally gave up and left without seeing a ski slope. Had I stayed it would have been well over an hour wait just to get on to the mountain, not including the additional lines for ski lifts. Northstar has always had a traffic/people management problem pre pandemic, it seems worse now than ever. My season pass is rendered worthless if I cannot get near a ski slope without 2-3 hours spent in lines. AVOID!!! Other ski resorts in the area that don’t treat you like cattle and create super-spreader events. It’s a shame because I used to really like the runs at NStar.

Jeff C. (via Yelp)

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