Unprofessional and Unhelpful – They Take Your Money and leave you out to dry

I have had season passes at Northstar for years and have had mild issues over the years, but this year they were HORRIBLE! I lost my pass while on the mountain one day and somebody picked it up and tried to use it. Despite having reported it missing, they revoked my pass and told me that I had to file a police report. After filing a police report, I had to call them 6 times before they responded to me (a month later) and said that they wouldn’t do anything. They robbed me of the entire season and a huge amount of money. They were tremendously rude and unprofessional when they finally did respond to me. They will never get another penny from me and I will be telling everybody I know to do the same. I know many people that have had bad experiences with them specifically – save your money and go to Squaw – it’s a better mountain anyway.

Justin W (Found on Tripadvisor.com)

From the editor: It appears that they (Northstar, Vail) will not hesitate robbing you out of the money. The pass is not an ID and is not meant to be. It is a commercial product with your name on it for which you have paid. You can use it the way you like. Lift ticket/Pass is not a privilege like Driver License for obtaining one you have to pass written/drive exam and it is issued by the state.

It is evident to us that Northstar are abusing their so-called “rules” by stealing money via revoking passes: overcharging, overpricing, stealing.

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