Canceled classes and never told their customers!

Awful experience at Northstar Resorts.

I made reservations for a 5 year old group skiing lessons on December 26th. There was a snow storm on that day and classes were canceled. Unfortunately, no one told any of the customers! An email was sent moments before the class, an unreasonable amount of time for anyone who was driving there. Customers were not called. The website said they were still open. No one at Northstar was answering the phones and every option in the phone call tree ended in a full voicemail dead end and no humans to talk to. There was no way for customers to learn that classes were canceled except to show up, find a handwritten note on the door, and no employees to talk to. All of this after driving an hour in the snow to get there. The official response I received 5 hours later over email was that they tweeted that classes were closed. Obviously I should have known that Twitter is their preferred notification mechanism and I should look there for authoritative information and not their website.

I don’t know how good their classes are, but if this is any indication they’re awful and you probably can’t trust them with your kids.

Luke D (Found on

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