Human Resources Interview at Vail Resorts

I was directly sourced via LinkedIn and was quickly scheduled for interviews. I met with the recruiter, hiring manager, and an internal HRBP (“peer”). They were highly responsive and moved quickly to schedule me for my next round after next round all within the same week.

I was communicating directly with the hiring manager who was making herself available and checking in with me regularly – all good signs of interest to go out of her way. I was told I would have one more conversation, and after following up a few times, received no reply.

After several days of silence, I received an automated decline email from the recruiter/ATS. After following up directly both with the recruiter and hiring manager for additional context, I still received no reply.

Auto-declines are used often and acceptable through most of the process – but not with late-stage applicants you’re seriously considering. Overall, a very disappointing candidate experience – then again, candidate experience is incredibly reflective of a company’s values and culture..

Anonymous (via Glassdoor)