“Vail’s “Auto-Renew” policy is completely designed to entrap you and take your money”. DON’T “Auto-Renew”!

This company needs to be sued for being predatory, DONT click “Auto Renew” thinking your can just cancel it if you don’t want it. Their policies are completely designed to entrap you and take your money. You can’t be forced to buy something and I can’t believe this company wont work with you if you didn’t use your pass and don’t intend to.

I get that companies need to protect themselves from fraud, but if you make the process so specific and restrictive on purpose, then you are obviously trying to steal peoples money with their “terms and conditions” that you “agreed to”.

they need to be sued.

Catherine Cellini via Facebook

I was able to cancel my auto renew but only after it renewed. And of course they won’t issue a refund because I don’t have a “qualifying event”

Vinny Maronna via Facebook

EPIC pass misleading! Checked epic profile and no indication of auto renewal. Then got text today eluding to auto renew (after website indicated not) called to cancel/fix before it got renewed – customer service said they could not help & we had to email, emailed address they provided & immediately got a response saying Must Call. Representative still on phone said no & provided a corporate number “to try” which is CLOSED until after auto renewal date

Notify CC company to not process further charges as they are not authorized

doclocke33 via Instagram
laketahoetoday via Instagram

That happened to us too. Vail makes it purposely hard to cancel auto renew. They suck.

tahowaiian via Instagram

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