“Vail Resorts is a scam”

They pretend to offer you covid insurance, but it is basically a scam. They claim you can skiing confidence, but then refuse refunds, credits, or pass extensions. Customer service will not tell you why.

Mark Vickery via Facebook

My elderly dad skied no days because of Covid – unable to vaccine til April. They refused to give him any money back. They only care about their bottom line.

Elise Kristi via Facebook

Just discovered that for 2 consecutive seasons I have been charged for someone’s pass that I went skiing with nearly 6 years ago. She has somehow been authorized on my auto-renewal card and Vail says that they have no means for reversing the charge. They told me that the only option would be that I contact this person, whose contact info I do not have, and have her provide a new card number for her account.

I NEVER authorized her to be on my policy, I was never given any paperwork to sign or info to provide. Simply put, someone mad it onto my account and could authorize my credit card without my knowledge or consent. This is unlawful. Their final solution, dispute the charge through my CC company.

Rene Rabbitt via Facebook

Horrible customer service, 0 public safety planning, liberal run organization. Staff hate working there.

JD Sellers via Facebook

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