Vail Resorts company reviews – Part-V

“Poor training. Poor pay.”

Everything is a cons! Senior Manager continually complains and backstabs the lower management, Condescending at best! Director always in the office on Teams meetings, never acknowledged one newer employee. Always tells you how busy they are, Absent of any empathy or culture. Bad company to work for.

Store Manager (Former Employee) – Park City, UT (via Indeed)

“Terrible company.”

Vail resorts is a horrible company to devote your creative outlet and energy to. No professional developmental assistance. Below average pay regardless of experience and production. No structure in management. Corporate entity notorious for the above and more. Ask anyone who’s ever worked for them and moved on.

Executive Chef (Former Employee) – Keystone, CO (via Indeed)

“Vail is a Horrible company.”

I don’t have much energy to write about this company because they have pretty much drained all of my will to live. I think about putting a 9mm in my head because this billion dollar company that can afford to pay people living wages (which in north metro colorado is about 19-20 dollars an hour) chooses to just not pay us what they should and hire people for 11 months out of the year calling them “seasonal” so they don’t have to give normal or even decent benefits. I had thanksgiving off but didn’t get paid, so now I have to work overtime just to get my “normal” pay which is very low to begin with, nowhere near the 19-20 dollars an hour that it should be. DO NOT WORK HERE, THEY DO NOT GIVE A F#$@ ABOUT ANYONE.

CSS/TA Coordinator (Current Employee) – Broomfield, CO (via Indeed)

“Suicide rate is extremely high for a reason.”

You will regret working for this company, they are cheap and don’t take care of employees at all. Do better, it’s not that hard you are a multi million $$company

Lift operator-attendant (Current Employee) – Breckenridge, CO (via Indeed)

“Maybe the worst company I have ever worked.”

The pay doesn’t even come close to covering the cost of living, direct management and upper management are completely untrustworthy, chronically understaffed and at the same time constantly reminding staff they’re replaceable, probably the worst company I have ever worked for.

Instructor (Former Employee) – Breckenridge, CO (via Indeed)

“A season pass.”

Cold early mornings long hours lots of responsibility and hardly any payment. Told I would get on the job training, never happened. Was Forced to quit. Exhausting work

Lift Electrician (Former Employee) – Park City, UT (via Indeed)

“A million dollar corporation that doesn’t care about its workers.”

Don’t know at all where to begin. I guess, be a ski instructor if you’re a 19 year old kid with complete financial backing from your parents and you’re on a gap year? Otherwise this job is worthless. Resorts are run by CEO’s in offices who have no clue the amount of work it takes to operate a ski resort / ski school on a daily basis. You’re expected to show up early, stay late (which you will not be paid for) , clock out for lunch. Vail is basically looking for bodies to fill roles and pay them minimum wage. Super corporate. They don’t care about you because they know they’ll find the next kid who wants to be a ski instructor in no time. Strongly urge you to work for a smaller, family owned and operated ski resort. They will care about you, maybe even know your name. Don’t work for Vail. Selling your soul to a money hungry corporation in turn for a ski pass.

Snowboard Instructor (Former Employee) – Breckenridge, CO (via Indeed)


The people you work with on a day to day basis are normally great. Lack of experienced middle management leads to a lot of power trips and a lack of support. Upper management has been there so long they are clueless and unwilling to change. Do yourself a favor and apply to a different company. Terrible management and lack of culture that the company promotes.

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) – Keystone, CO (via Indeed)

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