Vail Resorts company reviews – Part-IV

“Terrible and Misled.”

Underpay, Complete incompetency, perverse incentives, fake “leadership” culture, refuses to learn from an astronomical turnover rate.

Advice to Management:

Hire better people and incentivize them to stay. Try to avoid a complete reorg and layoff EVERY year.

Marketing Manager in South Lake Tahoe, CA (via Glassdoor)

“It’s bot a career — it’s a job.”

The company preaches core values that are not actually applied within the company. We talk about innovation but nobody wants to hear about changing anything and there are many bullies and blowhards that work for this company.

Advice to Management:

Treat your frontline people with respect. Don’t just play lip service and put things out in the media of you being such a great employer when you have massive turnover constantly. You don’t listen to the underlings in this company and allow it to drive any sort of change.

Sales Manager in Breckenridge, CO (via Glassdoor)

“Corporate Office.”

Don’t pay well. Don’t invest in processes. Stuck in the past. Expect you to sacrifice your life for the company.

Assistant Buyer in Broomfield, CO (via Glassdoor)

“Run. Run far away.”

This was without question the worst, most dysfunctional, clueless organization I’ve ever worked for. I can’t speak for other departments, but the Strategic Alliance department was an utter disaster. Poor leadership, poor teamwork and a VERY cancerous work environment. I cannot urge whoever reads this to stay far away from this role.

Advice to Management:

You need a sales team and an activation team. Everything needs to be rethought and overhauled. It’s embarrassing.

Strategic Partnerships Manager in Broomfield, CO (via Glassdoor)

“Burger Flipper.”

No innovation, no autonomy, no future. if you like doing the smallest code change possible then sitting on your hands for the next 3 sprints, then you’ll love this place. if you like being on monthly deployment calls with 50 other people doing nothing for 4 hrs, you’ll love this place.

Advice to Management:

Get rid of Chris S and Sue L. Empower development team to make improvements. kill all the useless meetings (hint, all of them). Actually listen to your employees when they make suggestions instead of talking to everyone like they are 3rd graders.

Software Development Engineer (via Glassdoor)

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