Northstar lodging: “a cheap motel”

When booking Northstar I had the expectation that the hotel room would be luxury for what we paid. I’ve always heard nothing but good things, now I know it had nothing to do with the rooms. As we entered the room the first thing I noticed was the carpet wasn’t stretched on the floor and I was riddled with stains. We have an 8 month old, crawling quickly became out of the question. The bathroom hasn’t been updated since the 80’s. The shower head barely worked and there were massive scratches all over the tub. What made the stay completely unacceptable was the fact that it’s mid summer, 88 degrees out and no air conditioning. They do provide you with a swamp cooler that only cools you off if you stand in front of it. My family and I hardly slept as we were up all night sweating. For the price I expected luxury accommodations, not that of a cheap motel.

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The amenities and services we received were not up to standard. Our unit did not have AC, and we were staying during the time of the bad air quality due to the fires. We were told by guest services that we were allowed to have one fan for our unit. In addition, the coffee maker leaked, and we did not get a replacement for it. We also had a very noisey family that was above us who allowed their children to run and jump until late at night and again at 6 am in the morning. When I told guest services about it, they said there was nothing they could do and that I would have to call public safety.

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The bathroom tubs were slippery with no hand holds. One family member slipped getting out of tub after showering. No air filter or air conditioning with bad air quality over 200. We were told to close windows, but were left with only bad air from forest fire smoke to breathe — not resort’s fault. We had to leave Sunday afternoon and not stay the night. The coffee pot leaked water. The king sized bedroom only had one working light bulb.

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The room was misrepresented by the photos, it was dingy, not maintained, no AC, it was part of employee housing (the employee units had AC I noted) but they did provide a non-functioning swamp cooler. Brown water came out of the bathtub tap. Beds were small and uncomfortable and not level. We had one chair to sit on. Housekeeping was non-existent. Desk help was never available. Carpets were disgusting, nothing on the walls. I have seen better rooms in a motel six. This room shows absolutely no care at all for their clientele. Never will be back to Northstar resort, they do not care one bit about their guests or the slop they are renting you.

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The shuttle service they said they had never worked and we had to call the front desk several times. Upon arrival there was a large bag of dirty laundry in the front of the door ! The path to room was not groomed upon arrival and we have to go through 5 feet of snow with small children and pregnant wife! Horrible front desk service. There was no access to check in at front lobby because roads were not groomed and five feet of snow has to go through to get to the front door of check in ! We don’t think we will be back.

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