Ticketing/refund scam

Heard many good things about the resort but disappointed at the corporate’s ticketing/refund policy. Half-day tickets are not offered, and refunds are only available if within the 1st hour once on the lifts.

We hit a pretty strong winter storm and were not being informed enough by the resort to make a decision because the resort remains open. After paying for very EXPENSIVE ticket during Christmas, we were informed by staff that the mountain is closed for the day due to safety reason and extreme weather, after only less than 2 hours of total time spent at the resort. When asking about partial refund or credit, nothing was offered and staff told us that “this situation happens frequently at the resort”, which is nonsense because they would have not opened for the day given the early signs of weather condition and if they really care about customer safety.

We spent 10 hours driving to the resort, not to mention the lodging cost and the high ticket price. “Do it at your own risk” shouldn’t be the excuse for providing bad customer experience, especially not for a resort like Northstar.

Overall very disappointed at our first time experience, and it feels like they care more about making money than providing customers with good experience.

Miranda Tao (via Google reviews)

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