“Vail is the greedy empire”

Vail is the greedy empire.  With the constant profits that they post there is zero exceptions for anyone.  Their business practices is straight up shady.  You see news of parking fees posted after most people purchased their 2019/20 season passes, the guy with terminal cancer can’t get a refund exception and many other similar stories.  My daughter broken her arm on her 1st day 1st run.  I went to the season pass members service asking if an exception can be made for a credit for next year understanding I didn’t buy insurance.  This will also ensure my family continue to be season pass holders next year.  It’s a straight up “no, management won’t allow it. “

The crowds are bad, wait times listed x 2 is what you really should expect the real wait time for.  Single riders are always filling in the last spot so if you are beginner still trying get off the lift standing you are out of luck.  Going down greens is like a ninja obstacle course dodging people left and right.  We waited 30 min for lifts in 3 hours we did 2 runs during holidays.

The 1 star is purely for management and their corporate policies and nothing to do with the staff there.  The staff that took care of my daughter were all great.  It wasn’t hard to wave down a ski patrol to get help.  5 were on scene to help with the situation so I am very grateful for the staff.

5 stars for the beautiful resort and the staff

1 star for the evil empire corporate practices (parking $, insurance cost, no refund policy, cs practices, and crowds)

Unless you can go regularly non holiday and weekends, be prepared to deal with the insane wait times.

Cynthia S. (via Yelp)

From the editor: it is evident to us, that their greed prevents them from ruining vacation and stealing money from an essential worker, a doctor who is fighting COVID in the hospital, saves peoples lives.

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