Northstar pisses off a retired 86yo veteran

I am a retired veteran, 86 years young. Northstar used to be a ski area that cared. They still care, but now it is just for your money. As an avid skier that used to ski the mountain, lived here for 23 years, and has personally experienced the changes brought about by Vail Corporation, I have learned that it all comes down to “that’s just too bad” for you – the skier at this resort.

When I bought my pass, I specifically informed them I wanted to buy insurance because of my age and because of the terrible virus that consumed the world. I was fearful at the time that there was a strong possibility that I would not be able to ski this year. I was promptly told, “don’t worry, we offer this free,” with the implication that they, the great Vail Corporation, were in control and they would take care of me. Once you give them your money, they are in control. Of your money.

Well the short of it all, I couldn’t ski this year because of the mentioned circumstances and medical problems inherent with my age. I called the corporate level and asked for a refund. They informed me that they did not control this, I had to call a third party. Upon calling the third party, I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Another mistake I made: I told the truth. They, along with the reputable Vail Corporation, couldn’t care less. Well, so long Vail! Time to get back to that other resort, Squaw, that I presume has integrity. I think I will find out if Squaw still cares.

Julius T. (via Yelp)

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